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We have been creating medical software since 2001. Our team has more than 300 members in Bratislava, Žilina and Košice and we work closely with other international teams. However, we can talk not only about work but also about canoeing, music or capoeira, because we have time to develop our passions alongside our work.

To deliver innovative software solutions for healthcare products using thorough domain, technical and process knowledge.

The software that helps to protect lives and health requires quality and continuous improvement. However, we don't forget about ourselves and, therefore, the balance between work and our private live is extremely important for us.

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Free positions

Family and Future

  • Childbirth allowance
  • Maternity leave allowance
  • Jubilee allowance
  • Allowance for a child attending a pre-school facility
  • Allowance for a child attending a camp
  • Retirement allowance
  • Contribution to the complementary retirement savings
  • Bridge days outside the scope of holidays as set by the Labour Code (compensated absences)

Sport and Health

  • Health and relaxation programme for employees
  • Supplement to wages lost during sick leave and leave to take care of a sick relative
  • Preventive healthcare
  • Ensuring a drinking regimen outside the scope laid down by the Labour Code


  • E-learning educational programmes
  • English and German language teaching
  • Technical, professional trainings
  • Trainings on soft skills development
  • Trainings on management skills development

And more

  • Standard is a height-adjustable table
  • Collective corporate recreational and team building events
  • Contribution to the catering of employees beyond the law
  • Reward for recruiting a new employee
  • Work anniversary allowance
    How we work
  • Usually, several teams from different countries work on most projects
  • Teams consist of 7 to 10 members and cover all the necessary expertise, from the definition of requirements to integration and testing
  • As professionals, we are fully responsible for each part of the software products we have developed
  • However, we also work on ourselves and, therefore, we also pursue further education and our hobbies – we always have non-work topics to talk about with colleagues
Which technologies and processes we use most often
  • Various programming languages – especially C#, TypeScript, Azure, C++, Java
  • Design patterns
  • Static code analysis
  • Test-driven development
  • Continuous integration
Where you can see our work
    Imaging diagnostics
  • syngo.via (imaging part of the software)
  • Ultrasound (imaging part of the software)
  • CT (scanner´s software)
  • MR (scanner´s software)
  • X-ray products (we are working on scanner´s software)

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